About Andrew Zellinger

527fcb4cc7887_@!@_AndrewAndDonna_3An outdoorsman, successful businessman, and family man, Andrew Zellinger takes on many roles in his life. As an independent business consultant with Zellinger & Associates in Salem, Oregon, he provides human resources consulting services. He has overhauled and enhanced the effectiveness of recruitment projects at major companies, and conducts ongoing assessment and strategic counseling. Prior to this, Andrew Zellinger was a successful consultant and director with several companies.

In his private life, Andrew Zellinger enjoys numerous activities. He stays active through cycling and running, and enjoys taking advantage of the outdoors to its fullest during fly fishing and hunting trips. He also enjoys reading thrillers and horror novels, as well as listening to classic rock, smooth jazz, classical, and country music, and he is a collector of wines and model airplanes. Mr. Zellinger met his wife, Donna, during the last year of his studies at Iowa State University, and has been married to her for more than 20 years. He shares many of his hobbies with Donna and their two children.


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